BecqMoni2011 MCA English User Manual

The page was created in attempt to help users to understand and set the main settings of the BecqMoni MCA program. I'll add here the links to PDF files with instructions. All these documents are prepared in my freetime and it represent only my personal experience. If you find an error or want to add your PDF article to this section please send me an email. You are welcome to contribute!

BecqMoni2011 is an amateur freeware Japanese MCA software. You can download it here or here. Unfortunately updates are not provided by the author and the software has small bugs, but with all these, BecqMoni is still one of the best freeware applications for amateur gamma ray spectroscopy. Prior intsallling the software you have to install .NET Framework 3.5 for Windows.

Instructions List (check the updates from time to time):

1. Initial Menu Settings (07/07/2018)

2. Three Points Energy Calibration and Linearity Test (07/07/2018)

3. Importing CSV files from external MCA module (under review)

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