Channels Drift vs Temperature changes for MPPC SiPM MicroFC 60035.

During the temperature drops from 44.4C to 8.5C the Eu-152 1408keV peak shifted to about 463 channels up. The resolution, noise level and SiPM amplification improved as temperature goes down. As expected, the semiconductor behaves better with lower temperature. But that huge drifting for channels is not acceptable for portable instrument, and even not for laboratory testing due to day and night temperature changes. 

Temperature drift of SiPM MPPC 60035

Small prototype board was assembled to resolve that problem, based on the previous circuit but with hardware correction added for temperature's changes. With the correction, the channels drift was fixed over same temperature range. You can see at high temperature (red line) it still has more noise and resolution degradation, however all channels stay at the same position. That make great difference for longterm spectrum stability and portable usage of SiPM based devices. 

Hardware correction for SiPM temperature drift 

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