MyGeiger ver.1 Geiger Counter DIY Kit with Nokia 5110 LCD

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MyGeiger ver.1 - DIY Geiger Counter with Nokia 5110 LCD and PIC16F876A

Retired Product. This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for technical information.

Technical specifications:

  • Geiger Tube PCB Compatibility: STS-5, SBM-20
  • Auto Adjusted High Voltage 395V-410V
  • Moving Average CPM Counting (since 1.03 firmware)
  • Auto Adjusted Measure Period 5s-30s (old 1.00-1.02 firmware only)
  • Nokia 5110 Graphic LCD
  • Smart Backlight Control
  • Radiation Dose Range: 0.01uSv/h - 0.5mSv/h
  • CPM counting: 0-150000 cpm
  • Conversion Factor Range: 0.0001 to 0.0250
  • Presetable Alert: 100cpm - 5000cpm
  • Sound and Visual Indication
  • Battery Indicator for Ni-MH and for Li-PO
  • Radiation Logger UART compatible
  • Radmon UART compatible
  • Supply Voltage: 3.7V - 5.50V
  • Supply Current: 10mA at background level
  • Operating time: 140 hours for 4xAA 1800mAh
  • Dimensions: 118 x 55 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 150gr
  • SKU: RH-K-GK-3

PIC16F876A software description:

High Voltage: High voltage generation fully controlled by microcontroller. The MCU perform precision measurement and correct high voltage when battery capacity goes down.

Measurement Period: For devices with 1.00-1.02 firmware version is auto adjusted. 30 seconds for background level, 10 or 5 second for high radiation. Measurement countdown is presented on the LCD. For devices with 1.03 firmware version measurement period is fixed to 10 seconds, but moving average algorithm is used.

Graphic Scale: Fast response graphic scale on the LCD with range from 30cpm to 800 cpm.

Radiation Dose Range: Display ranges: 0.01uSv/h - 9.99uSv/h; 10.0uSv/h - 99.9uSv/h; 0.10mSv/h - 9.99mSv/h Take note, SBM-20 tube can register up to 1mSv/h because of tube limitation. Radiation dose depend on tube type you use and on conversion factor value! By default the module has 0.0057 factor that can be changed by user.

Battery Indicator: Available only for Ni-MH batteries by default. Li-PO is also supported in beta-mode.

Buzzer sound: User can mute sound with key.

Calibration Menu: simple calibration menu where you can change conversion factor from 0.0010 to 0.0250 with 0.0001 step. The factor saved to EEPROM. Alert Threshold is saved only for session. Alert is calibarted from 100cpm to 5000cpm with 10cpm step.

LCD Backlight: By default the microcontroller will power off backlight for energy saving. You can light up the backlight for several seconds if pressing "OK" button. When CPM value will reach Alert threshold the MCU will light up the backlight by auto to warn you about dangerous level.

UART Logging: Dosimeter send CPM value via UART each time it updates on the display. Radiation Logger software is recommended. Our freeware software can be used for creating local log files and for direct uploading data to your Xively account for online monitoring!

Geiger Bot: BOT pin with several external components can be used for connecting the kit to IPad. 2500Hz pulses with 1ms duration is presented on BOT pin for each event from tube.

External Relay: You can drive relay module or additional alert led from ALR pin when CPM value will rise to saved alert threshold.


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