DIY Kit of Active Amplifier for Magnetic HF Antenna 3MHz-30MHz Hula Loop Shortwave Radio

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Magnetic loop antenna has great performance for receiving weak AM/SSB radio signals in urban area where an regular beverage antenna is usually overloaded by industrial HF noise of modern city.

Electrical circuit of this active antenna amplifier board is based on high impedance differential amplifier wired across the loop. Frequency intended to be tuned with externally connected 10K multiturn potentiometer (take note – potentiometer and loop coil are not included in amplifier set). By selecting size and inductance of the loop turn, you can set required HF range of the antenna. For example, with 60cm diameter of the one-turn loop you can tune approximately on 7MHz-15MHz range. You can switch turns quantity  in loop and use H/F switch with additional inductor to change antenna range. 

Technical specifications:

  • Working range: 3MHz - 30MHz
  • Type: Active Antenna Amplifier for receiver
  • Compatible with AM / SSB radio signals
  • Power supply voltage: 12V PCB
  • size: 55mm x 32mm
  • Shipping Weight: 150gr

Outdoor HF antenna is great, but is not always possible for a hobbyist to build outdoor antenna for just listening HAM SSB / AM radios. We offer to assemble indoor active antenna that portable and rotating. The hula loop acting as a resonanse circuit for receiving radio waves. LC circuit of the loop is connected directly across high impedance differential amplifier. By adding rotating option mechanism for the construction you can tune better for the desired station.

The kit is include high quality PCB board with components to solder the amplifier circuit. It also include diagram for components soldering. You can purchase soldered version of the board for additonal cost, please tick "Add soldering service" before you add the item to your shopping cart.

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