Gamma Spectroscopy Scintillation Driver Module wired with Socket for R6094 R6095 PMT

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Gamma Spectroscopy Scintillation Driver Module wired with Socket for R6094 R6095.

14 pin Hamamatsu socket wired to divider board with pulse processing circuit and with High Voltage board to power the PMT tube. Intended for scintillation detector build or for gamma spectroscopy with R6094/R6095 tube. The module require only 5V to work and has two IPX U.FL outputs. One is considered for Gamma Spectroscopy and second is intended for Scintillation counter. The board has two potentiometers for adjusting rising and decay time of a pulse and one potentiometer for fine adjusting of minimum threshold level for scintillation counter. Compatible with our MCA module.

Technical specifications:

  • Directly compatible and plugable to Hamamatsu R6094 / R6095 PMT tube
  • Adjustable stabilized and filtered High Voltage for PMT, negative polarity -500V to -1000V
  • Adjustable pulse threshold level for Scintillation Counter
  • Digitized shape PMT pulses output with 3V Logic Level compatible with Arduino / PIC / AVR / MSP430
  • Adjustable pulse rise&decay time for Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopy Output for MCA
  • Original PMT socket intalled and wired
  • Includes high impedance voltage divider for dynodes
  • Require only 5V to work
  • Low power comsumptions to fit portable scintillation counters
  • Shipping Weight: 250gr
  • UPC Number: 634154871164
  • SKU: RH-K-PMT-3

This module is specially designed hardware assembled on R6095/R6094 photomultiplier socket and it has:

- onboard adjustable High Voltage converter with negative polarity output -500V to -1000V
- onboard high impedance voltage divider for the tube, wired with Hamamatsu 14 pin socket
- onboard pulse amplifier for Gamma Spectroscopy and Logic Level pulse output for Digital Counters

The driver is an ideal all-in-one solution for portable counters and scintillation detectors. Double IPX output will allow you to choose desired purpose for the module, but you need to adjust pulse shape and threshold level for the optimal results. An oscilloscope and previous expirience with photomultipliers are recommended for driver calibration.

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