Gamma Spectroscopy Driver High Voltage Amplifier Module for Photomultiplier PMT Tube

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The module is an adjustable driver for a photomultiplier tube. It has negative polarity high voltage -600V-1000V and pulse amplifier with potentiometers to set gain ratio and pulse decay time constant. The module can be wired with photomultiplier tube that has up to 14 dynodes. Please note - you need to solder high impedance voltage divider SMD resistors on the bottom board and to wire the tube pins correctly. We include 15pcs of 10Meg 0805 SMD resistors. Please consider DIY soldering can be made.

The output of the module is compatible with our MCA ver.1 RH-M-MCA-18 ADC input or with audio card input for Theremino / PRA / Becqmoni MCA. 

Technical specifications:

  • Compatible with low voltage photomultiplier tubes: R6095, XP3312, R1307, R6233, XP3112 or similar
  • Adjustable regulated and filtered High Voltage for PMT, negative polarity 600V-1000V
  • Adjustable gain ratio and pulse decay time contstant for Gamma Spectroscopy
  • Compatible with MCA ver.1 module RH-M-MCA-18
  • Compatible with Theremino or PRA MCA for audio card line-in
  • Output pulses with  amplitude 50mV-3300mV on IPX-SMA cable
  • Require 0805 SMD resistors soldering, resistors included
  • Compatible with tubes up to 14 dynodes
  • Require only 5V DC input to work
  • Recommended photomultiplier divider: 50Meg-120Meg
  • Low power comsumptions to fit portable devices
  • Shipping Weight: 180gr
  • SKU: RH-K-PMT-3-1

The module is fully compatible with MCA ver.1 module or with any ADC that can accept signals up to 3300mV. Input voltage for powering the module is 5V DC. Output high voltage is regulated and filtered to fit photomultiplier requirements. You can use low voltage tubes like R6095, XP3312, R1307, R6233, XP3112 or similar.

Depending on the MCA input specifications, you may need to adjust the total gain and pulse decay tau. It can be made with an oscilloscope. You need to solder SMD 0805 divider resistors on the bottom board and to wire photomultiplier pins correctly. You can use the attached divider examples for wiring your tube, just use the correct ratio from the tube's datasheet where 1R=10Meg.

Final wired example project with Hamamatsu tube

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