MicroFC-60035-SMT manufactured by Sensl is 6x6mm SiPM silicone photomultiplier sensor. The C series 60035 has P-on-N type structure and used for blue range light, that's why it fit perfectly CsI(Tl) scintillation crystal. I made a prototype project that plugged into computer audio card and it works as an amateur gamma spectroscopy detector. The prototype board has bias voltage converter for SiPM with negative output of -30V. And it has pulse amplifier to make the signal compatible with 192kHz audio card input. To read out the SiPM from the standard output, the photocurrent generated on detection of photons needs to be converted to a voltage. This can be achieved using a transimpedance amplifier (TIA).

Silicone Photomultiplier SiPM MicroFC 60035 SMT

The circuit is powered with one 9V battery. It power up automatically when TRS 3.5mm cable is plugged into the socket. Using SiPM for gamma spectroscopy has pros and cons. The price for SiPM is approximately equal to a classic photomultiplier tube. But the active area of 6x6mm limits the maximum size of an applicable crystal for gamma spectrometry. That's why if you are looking for high performance spectroscopy system with a big crystal then SiPM is not the choice. However it can be used in miniature constructions where you can compromise for efficiency and resolution. 

Because SiPM require low voltage bias of ~30V in contrast with 1000V for classic photomultiplier tube, it also can be additional advantage for amateur simplificated project. If you follow all design recommendation published by Sensl and if you make correct calculation and adjustments for TIA then you can end up with pretty good resolution and acceptable linearity for the SiPM detector. My sample has FWHM% resolution <7.3% on Cs-137 662keV. It can be used to collect gamma spectra in range of 32keV-3000keV

Silicone Photomultiplier SiPM MicroFC 60035 SMT Cs-137 Gamma Spectrum

The overall performance of the detector is very high, in my opinion. Even the SiPM little bit noisy on low energy, but the size and weight of the whole construction makes it attarctive same as a classic detectors. Here is Eu-152 gamma spectrum to see high energies detection.

SiPM Gamma Spectroscopy Detector MFC60035 Eu-152 spectrum

Ba-133 gamma spectrum in log.scale:

SiPM Gamma Spectroscopy Detector MFC60035 Ba-133 spectrum

If you interested to build same detector then you can contact me because I have spare PCB boards and I can assemble limited quantity of the electronic driver for your evaluation and test. I also looking for someone who live in Israel and can join to the group project for developing small gamma spectrometer. If you serious enough and ready to invest your time and funds into such project then write to me!

SiPM Gamma Spectroscopy Detector MFC60035

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