Multi channel Analyzer MCA ver.3 Scintillation Survey Meter with NaI(Tl) 25x10mm crystal probe

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Unique sell - Scintillation Survey Meter & MCA ver.3 with NaI(Tl) probe 25x10mm

  • MCA & CPS Survey Meter
  • Scintillation Crystal: NaI(Tl) 25x10mm, resolution ~7.3%
  • 10bit 1024 Channels ADC
  • Default Energy Range: 26keV-1600keV
  • Internal Flash memory
  • Engineering Menu and calibration instruction
  • USB Terminal communication for spectrum data download and calibration
  • Battery: 400mAh 3.7V USB rechargeable & replaceable
  • Recommended Maximum Count Rate for Spectra < 1000 CPS
  • Survey Meter CPS count rate <8000 CPS
  • High Voltage driver: 550V-950V for ~100Meg probe load

Unique Sell - Assembled unit of Gamma Viewer MCA ver.3.00 and Scintillation Probe with NaI(Tl) 25x10mm crystal.

MCA & CPS Survey Meter for amateur prospecting and simple gamma spectrometry

NaI(Tl) Sodium Iodide 25x10 Crystal Probe: the probe made with 25x10mm NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal and a new Hamamatsu photo-multiplier tube. The tube is wrapped into treated mu-metal and installed into aluminum enclosure. The overall probe's resolution is ~7.3% on Cs-137 and it useful mostly for prospecting or amateur gamma spectroscopy. The probe has high voltage MHV BNC jack and high impedance voltage divider installed. Crystal is fragile, please be careful with it. 

Electronics is adjusted for default energy range: 26keV-1600keV. However, if you have an oscilloscope and some practice in electronics, then you can re-adjust the MCA board electronics for a different energy range. Instruction is included. Please note, 25x10mm crystal mostly efficient on low energy range.

MCA & CPS Survey Meter: calibrated for the included NaI(Tl) probe. The multi channel analyzer has 10bit ADC, internal flash memory for fast data dump, engineering menu, USB terminal communication for downloading spectrum data and calibration, internally installed and adjusted high voltage and pulse amplifier for the probe, rechargable 3.7V 400mAh battery.

Package include: 1pcs MCA module, 1pcs Scintillation probe, 1pcs BNC cable, printed PDF instruction for hardware and software calibration.

SCINTILLATION mode for searching with the included NaI(Tl) probe. The mode allows you to use scintillation probe for searching of low contaminated areas. Good performance and fast reaction compared with a Geiger tubes! It will trigger alert on averaged cps above 2 or 3 sigma.

Menu Functions related to Scintillation mode:

SCINT MODE – activate scintillation mode, restart applied by auto.

BEEP FREQ.HZ – set for sounder clicker frequency.

DEALAY N-pulses – the module will click on every N particle detected.

CONFIDENCE SIGMA – set 2 for fast searching or 3 for more accurate search but slower response of alert.

CALIBRATE SD – will trigger 5 minute scintillation re-calibration on the next restart.

AVERAGING SEC – 2 or 3 seconds to average CPS results. Use 2 for faster search. Take note, some MCA menu settings for acquisition spectrum is not active in scintillation mode!

Switch back to spectrum mode by setting SCINT MODE to OFF.

MCA Multi Channel Analyzer mode:

In MCA mode you can do spectrum acquisition and save CSV files to internal memory. The MCA hardware is adjusted for the included NaI(Tl) probe, however you always can readjust everything by yourself if you decide to use a different probe.

RETURN – exit from menu without making and changes.

RESTART - start a new spectrum acquisition.

DUMP TO FLASH - save spectrum to memory.

VIEW SPECTRUM - load saved spectrum to LCD viewer.

IDENTIFY - experimental function for Cs-137, Am-241, Co-60 isotopes.

RUN TERMINAL - activate USB terminal. 

SET MAX CNT – set maximum counts in one channel. You can set from 1000 up to 65000 counts in one channel. The value will stop spectrum measurement when number is reached in particular channel and will trigger auto-dumping to memory.

SET MAX TIME – set maximum time of spectrum measurement in seconds. You can set from 100 up to 7200. The value will stop spectrum acquisition when number is reached and will trigger auto-dumping to memory. The first reached value between MAX CNT or MAX TIME will trigger auto-dumping spectrum to memory.

DC OFFSET – By default it set to recommended 0 (zero). If your DC offset in amplifier is higher than 100mV it suggested to try that function for better display view of spectrum. 

SET MIN CH – this is minimal channel number you want to view on spectrum. It works to filter out PMT noise on energy below 26keV. Trial and error method.

SET MAX CH – same as previous function, but form the top side of spectrum. If dynamic range of the amplifier gather all highest energies above 1700keV into one big bump on the spectrum right side then you can cut-off it with that filter.

REMOVE NOISE CPS - when enabled, allows to show on LCD only relevant CPS counts in range of minimum / maximum channels. When disabled, all CPS events are counted for LCD. This function can be useful when you debug the noise level of your system or want to estimate full spectra CPS vs. activity for selected region.

LCD ZOOM RANGE - You can set number of channels to display on LCD from 128 to 1024.

LCD FIRST CH - Related to LCD zoom, you can set the first channel for LCD zoom range. LCD zoom settings has no influence on memory data file. The log. file will contain all 1024 channels.

SAVE&RESET – makes software reset.

Buttons: turn on/off with long press; use B1 and B2 to navigate menu. During spectra measurement you can switch between linear or logarithmic scale by pressing top button shortly. 

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