MPPC SiPM CsI(Tl) 8x8x50mm USB Gamma Spectrometer for Theremino BecqMoni PRA

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Unique sell -  USB Gamma Spectrometer with SiPM detector and CsI(Tl) crystal 8x8x50mm. Made with build in audio ADC for direct compatibility with amateur freeware MCA software like PRA / Theremino or BecqMoni2011. Just plug into PC and start using it!

  • SiPM with CsI(Tl) 8x8x50mm crystal and thermo-compensated circuit
  • Dimensions: 114x36x20mm
  • Weight: ~120 gram with cable
  • Energy range: 32kev - 3000keV
  • Typical resolution <=7.5% at 662keV
  • Interface: Audio USB

The device is complete amateur Gamma Spectrometer made with MPPC silicon photomultiplier. It has thermo-compensated electrical circuit for range of 10C - 30C that allowing using the unit in range of room temperatures without worrying for the device temperature stabilization while making sensitive tests. 

Recommended for usage with BecqMoni2011 MCA. Fully supported by PRA and Theremino software. More than 1000 CPS load is not recommended due to limitation of the audio codec ADC.

Crystal with volume of 3200 cubic millimeters allowing gamma detection in range of 32keV - 3000keV. 

Typical energy resolution at 662keV <=7.5%

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