Multi channel Analyzer MCA ver.3 Scintillation Survey Meter with SiPM Cesium Iodide CsI(Tl) 6x6x30mm

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Unique sell - Gamma Viewer MCA ver.3.40 with internally installed Silicon Photomultiplier SiPM and CsI(Tl) crystal 6x6x30mm

  • Scintillation Crystal: 6x6x30mm CsI(Tl)
  • SiPM sensor
  • 10bit 1024 Channels ADC
  • Default Energy Range: 50keV-3000keV
  • Internal Flash memory
  • Engineering Menu¬†
  • USB Terminal communication for spectrum data download and calibration
  • Battery: 2000mAh 3.7V USB rechargeable & replaceable
  • Recommended Maximum Count Rate for Spectra < 1000 CPS
  • Survey Meter CPS count rate <12000 CPS

Unique Sell - Assembled unit of Gamma Viewer MCA ver.3.50 and SiPM sensor with CsI(Tl) 6x6x30mm crystal.

MCA & CPS Survey Meter for amateur prospecting and simple gamma spectrometry.

Lifetime support and communicable developer!

The device is fully assembled multi-channel analyzer unit with internally installed SiPM (MPPC) sensor and CsI(Tl) crystal 6x6x30mm. The MCA can be used as a simple gamma spectrometer for the energy range of 50keV-3000keV and as a survey scintillation meter. Due to nature of the scintillator, it has plenty gamma sensitivity and fast reaction even for the small volume of 6x6x30mm compared with an average Geiger tube. That's why the device is nice portable tool for searching radioactive contamination or hunting for a vintage radium clocks.

Detector type: CsI(Tl) 6x6x30mm + SiPM sensor

MCA: 10 bit ADC, 1024 channels

LCD: 128x64 blue backlight

Battery: 2000mAh rechargeable

USB port for data download & calibration

Updated 3.50 firmware! Lifetime support and communicable developer!

Download configuration software MCA Terminal

MCA Terminal

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