New Hamamatsu R1450 PMT Photomultiplier Tube 19mm for Scintillation Counter

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19mm diameter Hamamamtsu photomultiplier tube R1450, made in Japan.

The R1450 is a 19mm (3/4 Inch) Diameter, 10-stage, Head-on type, Bialkali 15mm diameter photocathode. High gain, low dark current and high blue cathode sensitivity value. The maximum spectral response is 300 to 650 nm, peaking near 420nm. Fast Time Response (Especially Low TTS) For High Energy Physics, Scintillation Counters, Amateur Gamma Spectroscopy. Photocathode is compatible with NaI(Tl), plastic and other scintillators.

For additional $5.90 you can order divider PCB adapter with high impedance resistors. That adapter makes it easy to assembled your DIY probe. 

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