USB Gamma Spectroscopy Driver with NaI(Tl) <9.0% 25x25 mm Scintillation Detector

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Unique sell - USB Gamma Spectroscopy Driver with new NaI(Tl) <8.0% 25x25 mm Scintillation Detector

Ready USB Gamma Detector Setup for amateur Gamma Spectroscopy on computer. Compatible with PRA and BecqMoni2011 freeware MCA. Support Theremino MCA for low energy range due to Theremino software limitations.

This is complete plug-and-play device that include Gamma Spectroscopy probe with new 25x25mm NaI(Tl) crystal, adjusted electronic driver with USB output and BNC cable. The USB audio interface can be used with the popular freeware MCA software like PRA for amateur gamma spectroscopy on computer.

The device is recommended for count-rate less than 1000 CPS and has typical FWHM resolution 7.20% - 9.00% at 662keV (depend on crystal sample). See attached example spectrum in the item's photos.

DETECTOR: the probe build with new manually machined aluminum enclosure.  The new R6095 Hamamatsu tube is wrapped into magnetic mu-metal shield and protection foam. The assembly has high impedance divider on tube and high voltage BNC connector. The crystal is new 25x25mm NaI(Tl), manufactured in nowadays. Energy resolution vary with crystal sample, but usually is within 7.20%-9.00% range.

USB DRIVER: The box is complete and adjusted electronics that internally has high voltage converter, pulse amplifier and USB audio-data output. Everything is adjusted for optimal settings for the included probe. On one side it has BNC jack to connect the probe. On the opposite side it has mini USB jack to connect the box to a computer and has red power led for indication. When the box plugged into computer it will be detected as an general audio interface, that's why you can start to use PRA MCA software without any additional hardware.

COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE: PRA or BecqMoni2011 freeware MCA. The detector with MCA software can collect gamma spectrum of Ba-133, Am-241, Cs-137, Co-60, Eu-152, Ra-226, Th-232, Lu-176 and more isotopes! You can get gamma spectrum in range of 26keV up to 3000keV, test food, minerals, radioactive items, check background.

Recommended software & driver settings:

Windows - Recording device settings - Levels - Recording 70%-100%

Windows - Playback device settings - Levels - set 0%

disable all sound effects in drivers.

Download and read manual PDF! Download BecqMoni2011

Set BecqMoni device config as shown on the following screenshots (click to view in details):

BecqMoni2011 recommended device config BecqMoni2011 recommended device config

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