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PMT Photomultiplier Amplifier Module for DIY Gamma Spectrometry - for Positive HV

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PMT amplifier module for 2-Wire configuration probes. Output pulse shape and decay time are compatible with audio-card requirements for amateur Gamma Spectroscopy on computer. The amplifier is installed with additional 1Meg. load resistor between high voltage power supply and BNC jack for PMT probe. Output SMA jack allows to use shielded cable for signal patch between spectroscopy setup and audio-card input. Example wiring diagram is included.

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible with 2-Wire PMT probes with Positive HV
  • Compatible with freeware PRA Beqmoni Software
  • Supply DC voltage: 4.5V-12V
  • Pulse decay time: adjustable 50uS-250uS
  • SMA jack for signal output 
  • Bypass capacitor blocks up to 1.8kV
  • PCB dimensions: 29x24 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 120gr
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