DIY Kit PMT PCB with Pulse Amplifier for Scintillation counter - for Positive HV

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PMT Amplifier PCB for Scintillation Counter with Logic Level Pulses Output.

Miniature PCB of DIY Kit for Scintillation Counter for Photomultiplier Tube. Works with Positive Polarity PMT wiring. PMT pulses shape on the output is compatible with digital counter and has 5V Logic Level amplitude. Raw PMT pulses output is availiable from TP1. The board has two potentiometers, one for changing exponential fall decay time of PMT pulse and second for fine adjusting of pulse minimum threshold detect for scintillation counter. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Supports only Positive Polarity High Voltage PMT Wiring
  • Input DC voltage for amplifier: 5V
  • Output for Scintillation Counter with 5V Logic Level Pulse
  • Adjustable Exponential decay time
  • Adjustable Pulse Threshold for Scintillation Counter
  • Module diameter: ~45mm
  • Shipping Weight: 150gr

The module is compatible with Positive Polarity High Voltage wiring of PMT tube. 

The board has everyhting you need for the initial processing of PMT signal for Scintillation Counter. Output pulses has 5V logic level. It compatible with many digital counters. You need to calibrate detect threshold level and decay time of the pulse to get optimal settings for your tube. 

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