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Portable 25x25 NaI(Tl) Gamma Spectrometer for iPad or computer Spectroscopy Gamma-Viewer ver.1

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Gamma-Viewer ver.1.00 is a portable 25x25mm NaI(Tl) Gamma Spectrometer for iPad or for computer Spectroscopy. It has all required electronics with NaI(Tl) crystal and photo-multiplier tube for amateur gamma ray spectrometry on iPad/ iPhone or computer, fully plug-and-play device.

Technical specifications:

  • Directly compatible and plugable into PC audio cart or iPad / iPhone
  • 25x25mm NEW NaI(Tl) crystal from modern manufacturer
  • Internally installed photomultiplier Hamamtsu tube with Mu-Metal shield
  • Internally installed and adjusted high voltage and pulse amplifier
  • Internally installed 300mAh rechargable battery with charging plug
  • Typical FWHM <9% at 662keV
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • SKU: RH-Spec-25-1

INTERNAL ASSEMBLY: Includes Hamamatsu PMT tube optically coupled with NEW 25x25mm NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal. Same crystals are normally sells for hundreds of dollars when purchased new. The PMT is wired with internally installed high voltage power supply. HV is stabilized, filtered and adjusted for the tube. Signal from PMT anode followed by pulse amplifier. Pulse level and duration at the output are compatible with Line/MIC input of sound card or iPhone. The electronics powered with internally installed rechargeable battery. The unit can be charged with 5V DC adapter. Battery capacity is enough for portable operation during 4-6 hours.

With the device you can test and identify gamma emitting isotopes, perform food test for radionuclides, test minerals, search radiation and etc. The spectrometer with freeware MCA software can successful detect Cs-137, Eu-152, Ba-133, Co-60, Am-241 and more dangerous nuclides. The unit has typical <9% FWHM resolution at 662keV. Recommended to operate with 24bit audio cart on computer. Due to hardware and software limitation please test samples with activity up to 1000 CPS, if your sample has higher activity you can increase distance between the sample and the spectrometer.

ENCLOSURE: The spectrometer build with engineering grade aluminum enclosure and has internally installed magnetic shield for PMT. Has heavy duty illuminated On/Off button, SMA jack signal output, DC jack for charging with charge status LED. 

iPAD ADAPTER PCB: Device comes with miniature DIY PCB adapter for iPad/iPhone. The adapter has 2 audio jacks that are connecting audio mono cable to TRRS Apple output. The PCB adapter has small potentiometer that helps to adjust signal level to the required on iPhone/iPad input.  

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