Multi channel Analyzer MCA ver.3 Scintillation Survey Meter with Cesium Iodide CsI 10x10mm crystal probe

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Unique sell - Scintillation Survey Meter & MCA ver.3.20 with CsI probe 10x10mm

  • MCA & CPS Survey Meter with gamma doserate
  • Scintillation Crystal: old stock CsI 10x10mm
  • 10bit 1024 Channels ADC
  • Default Energy Range: 26keV-1500keV
  • Internal Flash memory
  • Engineering Menu 
  • USB Terminal communication for spectrum data download and calibration
  • Battery: 1000mAh 3.7V USB rechargeable & replaceable
  • Recommended Maximum Count Rate for Spectra < 1000 CPS
  • Survey Meter CPS count rate <8000 CPS
  • High Voltage driver: 550V-950V for ~100Meg probe load

Unique Sell - Assembled unit of Gamma Viewer MCA ver.3.50 and Scintillation Probe with CsI Cesium Iodide 10x10mm crystal.

MCA & CPS Survey Meter for amateur prospecting and simple gamma spectrometry.

Lifetime support and communicable developer!

CsI Cesium Iodide 10x10 cylinder Crystal Probe: the probe made with miniature old stock CsI scintillation crystal and a new Hamamatsu photo-multiplier tube. The tube is wrapped into treated mu-metal and installed into aluminum enclosure. The probe has high voltage MHV BNC jack and high impedance voltage divider installed. Crystal is fragile, please be careful with it. 

Electronics is adjusted for default energy range: 26keV-1500keV. However, if you have an oscilloscope and some practice in electronics, then you can re-adjust the MCA board electronics for a different energy range. Instruction is included.

Please note, absorption efficiency of 10x10mm CsI crystal is 100% for 100keV, about ~35% for 662keV and about ~25% for 1000keV . That's why the probe is not efficient for high energies. Background countrate of the crystal is low, ~3 counts per second in average. The probe mostly useful for testing low energy samples.

MCA & CPS Survey Meter: calibrated for the included CsI probe. The multi channel analyzer has 10bit ADC, internal flash memory for fast data dump, engineering menu, USB terminal communication for downloading spectrum data and calibration, internally installed and adjusted high voltage and pulse amplifier for the probe, rechargable 3.7V 1000mAh battery.

Package include: 1pcs MCA module, 1pcs Scintillation probe, 1pcs BNC cable, printed PDF instruction for hardware and software calibration.

Download configuration software MCA Terminal

MCA Terminal

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