VA-Z-261A NOS Geiger Muller Tube Nuclear Radiation Sensor

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VA-Z-261A Geiger Muller Tube for Radiation Detector NOS 1Pcs

Beta and gamma detection tube, tested sample

Vintage New Old Stock Geiger Tube VA-Z-261A for ionizing radiation detection. Manufactured in DDR. Can detect beta and gamma radiation. This tube not intended for measuring background! Our test show it has good sensitivity for radiation level over 50 uSv/h (200 cpm) The background level of 0.1 uSv/h will cause maximum 1 cpm or even less.

Dimension: 43mm app. x 16mm app.

Manufacturer: RFT MKD

Radiation Detection: β, γ

Recommended Voltage: 450V

Load Resistor: 4.7M

Plateau Voltage: 410-560V

Sensitivy γ (60Co): 42cpm/(mR/hr)

Max detect: 50 R/h; >0.5Mev

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